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uff duh

i got oh she glows every day because matt bought the author’s first one for me and it was a great addition to my collection. so, i decided to make the cover for lunches this week. aside from the fact that the sorghum still wasn’t done after three hours of boiling, it turned out pretty well. i swapped freekeh into the tabbouleh when i could tell that the sorghum wouldn’t cooperate (not before writing bob’s red mill a concerned note) and it’s nice and light and fluffy.

the whole dish calls for garlic, and i always add a few extra cloves, so i’m in no danger of vampires this week. it’s light, healthful, and filling. it was also quite a bit of work. i think the whole thing took three hours, so it’s a good thing it’ll get me through my three-day work week.

i’d take a picture but it’s halfway gone already!