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two things

1. So, I used to have these three standard passwords that I would use for the various internet things in my life.. but then it got so hectic that I’d have to cycle through the three just to figure out which one was for what online service. So one day, I went through and made them all the same (new) password. After a while, certain things became more important and needed a special, new, password to protect my online integrity. Now I’m up to 4 or 5 passwords for everything and back to the same rigmarole. But before you start hacking into my eBay account, I’ll assure you, it’s not as simple as “1L0v3F3rr3t$”, I’m smarter than that.
2. My workmatefriend just got back from holiday and has a newely refreshed attitude about crafting! We might start a little club of girls and their crafty silly things (buttons, bracelets, crazy stuff). Look out Badge-A-Minit!