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two months

without coffee. i kinda miss the smell in the mornings… maybe i should get (make?) a coffee-scented candle. i can’t say i haven’t had caffeine in that time; matt frequently likes to celebrate little occasions with jaegerbombs.
we bottled batch three of my kombucha and now i have a scoby hotel started in the event of mold or vinegar eels (don’t even ask, it’s gross). when i brewed the two batches last week, i didn’t realize that i hadn’t enough sugar for the second one, so it “got done” more quickly, but it has a different … texture. it’s not as thick and tasty. it’s like it’s watered-down cuz the scoby didn’t have enough to ‘digest’.
i guess it’s a good learning experience.
also, we have too many cucumbers. i might have to deliver some to the mickey’s kitchen this evening…