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two weeks under my belt

so begins week three.

i think things are going well. i’ve been subject to a lot of new environments and software and means by which work gets done. i also, next month, get to travel to green bay and milwaukee to conduct some usability tests, that’ll be interesting! maybe i can add traveling usability tester to my resume.

it’s been mentally difficult not having friday afternoons to get stuff done, be it around the house or otherwise. grocery shopping has automatically been moved to saturday, which kinda stinks because it’s the only full day that matt and i have together.

maybe i can start shopping on sundays before heading out to brunch. matt doesn’t ever get a whole lot anyway.

we’ve been handing out invitations to our memorial weekend party… we have a bit of a menu put together. unfortunately, this year, i don’t have a four-day weekend to look forward to (i’m not even really sure what days are holidays at the new place). therefore, i don’t have a whole friday off beforehand to start making food. we’ve moved the party start time to 3pm this year, to give us a little more time to clean and prepare.