Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

too quick

the weekend felt a little shorter than it should have. it’s likely due to the fact that i slept in later than necessary both days.
friday was nice and relaxing. we cleaned the dining/living room up a bit to make way for my super awesome gift from matt. he got me a greenhousey shelving system and herb seeds so we can start growing plants indoors either for planting outside, or having fresh herbs at our disposal. then we got lunch and went to woodman’s for some supplies. i made some pasta salad (for saturday) and then we celebrated january with girls’ night out at the inferno.
having stayed out kinda late, we didn’t get up before noon on saturday. before doing our weekly grocery shopping, we again attempted to find something comestible from dairyland but were unsurprisingly unimpressed. matt says he’s willing to give it a third chance… i’m not so certain it will matter either way.
we then headed out to middleton for the moen family christmas where lots of good times were had. we got home around 9 and i was plum tuckered out, so we stayed home and warm on the couch.
sunday was quite lazy (for me, at least). i biked to breakfast, came home and made soup and pasta salad and walked the dogs on the ice.
there was a bit of frustration this morning when the alarm went off. however, i couldn’t justify calling in…