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too fast!

i try to wake up early enough to enjoy my weekends, but they still seem to speed by without my noticing. this weekend started out with a trip to an old friends’ automotive repair shop, dutch’s auto, because my check-engine light came on… there has been a sound of an exhaust leak for about a week. it was determined that there’s a flexible hose-like thing that had torn and the light was likely triggered by a co2 sensor. so, i’m taking my car back this coming friday and hopefully it won’t cost a billion dollars.
we grocery shopped while the car was in good hands, after we got home, we picked some more tomatoes but forgot to compost the rest of the plants. i think we’ve hit our peak in fruit.
we were supposed to go to gallery night, but got distracted.
saturday, we mostly lazed about, but had a really nice fire later on and had some friends over to enjoy it with us.
sunday, i slept in a bit longer than i wanted to. the dog walk was exceptionally nice. they were very well-behaved and the weather was just about perfect. i got breakfast at the tavern while matt worked; we didn’t stay much past his shift and came home to fix up the rest of our tomatoes into a nice pasta dish and watched the rest of trollhunter, which is a really good movie.
now, without wishing time away, i hope for friday again.