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too fast

another weekend went by much too quickly. on friday, matt was great and mowed the lawn and then we decided to give the harmony another try for lunch, their portabellas are just perfect. friday night was our first girls night out (at the inferno) in a long time… we slept in a bit and headed to mickey’s for breakfast on saturday; it was pretty slow so it was nice and relaxing, that made it hard to motivate to leave for woodman’s, but we managed.
i made some banana muffins in an attempt to get rid of the ones that would fall out of the freezer onto my toes… so i brought a bunch to a going-away party. some friends are traveling the world and leave tomorrow!
sunday was relaxing… so much so that i deftly avoided putting the dishes in the dishwasher.
all of the things with feet in the house are doing well. the kitty still uncovers marco and polo’s cage but doesn’t seem to want to do much more than stare at them.