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tired of apologizing

i should make more of a point to write in my blog… i really have no reason not to, other than i’m not sure i have much to say of interest.
the storm on saturday morning took down half of one of our trees… stacy (the tree) had split near the base form a storm last year, and george kindly came over to bolt her back together, but it wasn’t enough to withstand the winds from the storm.
the labor day weekend party went really well, considering the weather. a friend brought over a tent that we all sort of huddled under until around 5, when the rain finally let up. i had baked a cheesecake but had to cool it in the fridge and forgot to bring it out, so mickey’s kitchen got a gift on monday. braulio put it in the walk-in and had attached a note, “feel free to eat, becky made it so it has to be good.”
in other, unrelated news, the dogs have been pooping in the livingroom for the last three days. we can’t figure out why… it was abnormal the first day, but doesn’t seem to be that different recently. jones knows what he did was wrong cuz he looks embarrassed, but that doesn’t seem to keep him from doing it. :/
also, the cranes came back to work again yesterday: