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time flies

five years ago, today, i closed on my house. we spent a month painting, cleaning, packing, unpacking, moving, and sweating.
it was also five years ago that i gave up my ferrets. i knew they’d be stressed out; one was already sick and needed medicine every 12 hours… thankfully, the nice lady at the vet took them. i don’t think rinky lasted much long after that… and tinker (the one that was sick) took to biting the youngsters, so he had to stay in his own cage. after that, i stopped asking how they were.
we have enough critters now, but i do miss those funny little furries.
we’re getting our third csa box tomorrow. there will be lots of yummy stuff in it; i’m glad it’s not all lettuce or greens; it should make for a good lunch next week.
i bought canning for a new generation over a year ago, and just started reading it this week (i read cookbooks like most people read regular books). it got me excited to do small batch canning.
we have the perfect shelf in the cistern room in the basement to put all the jars on… we just need another shelf on which to put the paint and paint supplies that currently live there.
baby steps.