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three weeks and some odd days

so, it’s been a little while now. i’m really getting used to all of the sleeping in and lazing about. it’ll be hard to get back into the swing of things in a little over a week, but it’ll probably also help my grey matter and my pocketbook.

i’m still pretty nervous about the new place, but that’s simply because it’s new.

anyway, it’s birthday week, and we’re going to sardine for brunch tomorrow, and to the farmer’s market to hopefully find ramps. after that, we’ll just spend the day doing whatever i want, i guess. at some point, i’d like to go to red sushi for dinner, but the last three times i’ve called on a friday or saturday to see how busy they are, i get chuckled at. :/

last night, we hung out at opus with some friends and it was fantastic! matt and i might have to make it a once-a-month thing. i’ll see what he thinks. i was impressed that they only charge $2 for their edamame, so i’ll have to try that next time.