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this weekend

i always think of lofty home-goals when i have a long weekend and feel as though i rarely make a dent in the list.
i’d like to start thinking about painting the rain barrels so they’re not two big, white eyesores in the middle of the driveway. my intention, when the first one was installed, was to paint it the color of the house and foundation so it looked like it wasn’t there… from certain angles.
we need to get the morning glories, moon flowers, and other vining plants into the ground… just not sure where to put them.
additionally, the front porch is becoming a bit of a disaster; one of the handrails rotted and needs to be replaced before someone gets hurt and i get sued by the mailman or something.
we still have to put together the soft goods room, but it involves some basement activity which makes me want to start project basement-cleanup… and that’s likely a day’s worth of work itself.
i’m sure we’ll get the canoe into the water again… i don’t know if we’ll take another voyage to mickey’s this weekend… the lake is sure to be busy with boaters celebrating the holiday.
in other good news! the scoby is growing nicely, there’s the start of a film that will slowly turn into a mother; i think the warm temps are helping a lot. i’d like to start another batch soon so i have some more growing before the first batch is decanted so there’s enough going without having to buy a continuous brew system.