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this weekend

this weekend, the neighborhood was shook by a savage. a woman, walking on the bike path near el dorado, was brutally beaten (surgery is rumored to be needed) and raped shortly after midnight on friday morning. she was left for dead and eventually crawled from the bushes to the path, and was found by a passer-by.

wrong with this situation is that she had to endure something unthinkable and unimaginable, and people question, “why was she walking alone after midnight?”

as if she should have been tucked away, safely inside of a cab or other building where she would be “safer”. as if there is an implied curfew for women being outside. as if an attack is relegated to nighttime. as if she were “asking for it.”

since friday morning, the police have referred to the incident as attempted homicide because of the extend of her wounds. i hope it’s because attempted homicide will garner a greater sentence than rape when the assailant is caught.

I say ‘when’, because this neighborhood will not sit at rest. in fact, there is a march scheduled for thursday evening at 7, with over one thousand confirmed attendees, to walk the bike path with the intention of reclaiming the path.

i don’t think i’ll be in attendance; i’m not convinced it will be an effective event, but glad others are.

however, i do use the capital city trail daily, and intend on arming myself with the tools and knowledge to prevent myself from becoming a victim.

peace to the person who had to endure this horrific situation. happiness that she made it out alive; there is a long road ahead for survival.