Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


life is going ok.. i’m still getting paperwork together for the mortgage refinancing. i think i did this process a little out of order since the divorce won’t be final til september. i can’t say i knew/know wtf i’m doing.
the house is calmer but still a little akimbo. i’ve been antsy but working through it… i’m trying to communicate better .. i’ve always relied on written communication to talk, update, vent… it’s more difficult for me to get my thoughts in order to orally verbalize them; i always feel like i’m going to say something stupid or wrong or not precisely what i mean to say.
in other news, i took a digger on my bike on monday and have a myriad of bruises to show for it. my derailleur is crooked and it makes the chain come off the front gear sometimes… so while i was staring down and pedaling, trying to will it back on, i lost balance and tumbled over; it’s currently mildly amusing.