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the caf�

i haven’t rapped about the workplace cafe in a while; this is something that occurred to me on the way in to work this a.m because i thought i might want some scrambled eggs. the cafe workers have a weird way about “substituting” what you actually wanted for something else in their menagerie*.
here’s what happened a couple weeks ago: i went over there, and they had these weird sausagecheesebiscuit things, and as you know, faithful reader, i don’t eats the meats.
anyhow, i asked if they had any “without meat” and was handed a piece of sausage. “no no no, i don’t eat meat, do you have any with just eggs and cheese?” the woman didn’t understand me. so another worker said, “we have hard boiled eggs!” i said okay. “and a cold biscuit!” i said i’d just take the egg. it was $0.60.
*thanks carol!