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the year of the blur

i can’t believe it’s december already. i also can’t believe that i no longer work at a place where the level of stress increases 180% between thanksgiving and new year’s. i can’t believe how much more relaxed and calm and centered i am now compared to 365 days ago.

i also can’t believe how long it had been since i’d seen matt’s chin:


i worked from home the day before thanksgiving in order to facilitate making my ramen noodle salad without having to stress about it after work. merle and i were both kinda chilly (i keep the thermostat at 60°; come on, wear layers!), so she hopped on my lap and i pulled my hoodie over her.


here she is, being cute as all get-out on thansgiving. i don’t think george really likes her much, but he put up with sharing the chair.


and here is our resident fatty tuna. he’s the biggest of the cats and has, admittedly, gained quite a bit of weight at our house. we need to find some “lite” cat food that doesn’t cost twice as much per pound as mounds’ cat food.