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a million years ago, my sort of vegetarian friend, maureen, told me about gardein beefless burgers and how they were the best fake meat burger she’d ever had. i tried them and they were great, but they didn’t make it into the rotation often. it seems silly, but buying for, prepping, and cooking a single burger isn’t very efficient.

fast forward a million years and i want to share the beefless invention with rodney because he likes a good veggie burger. so, i call jeni street and ask… they tell me they have gardein “veggie burger” and “black bean burger”. on the way home, i grabbed a package of veggie burgers. these are not even in the same ballpark, by the way.

a couple trips to woodman’s later, with no beefless burger on the shelf (nor a label indicating a spot), i text maureen to get the deets on where i can score these again? she tells me the coop carries them. i brave the coop and quickly locate the frozen aisle and grab two packages (eight total burgers) and some healthful, whole wheat buns. we cooked them up, along with some baked french fries, and enjoyed the deliciousness!

i don’t even have a picture cuz we ate them so quickly.