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that’s it

i have to break up with burrito drive.
it’s been a long time coming, and i really tried to give it a go… but they’re just not holding up their end of the bargain anymore.
i used to order from them three to four nights a week (i know, terrible), and that has slowed significantly. i think i’ve ordered twice in six months.
last night i decided to try one more time, since matt was at work (and has already sworn them off for good). i got my usual, non-endangered blackened fish tacos and chips & salsa (pico, please!).
i don’t think there was any fish on one of the tacos. if there was, the ratio of taco to “mexican slaw” has changed greatly; to the point where i feel like i paid $9 for cabbage and corn tortillas. also, the chips are way too salty. i probably negatively affected my resting heart rate permanently.
so, b.d., it’s not me, it’s you. maybe you’ll find someone else who likes you as much as i used to.