Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


i’m reaching here, but a billion years ago, i used to participate in a fridayfive blog content generating thing… it’s been a while since i’ve reused one, but i’m taking one from june of 2006. so, here goes:
1. what’s one thing you’ve done this week to help someone?
i tried making someone less crabby last night. it didn’t really work, but i tried.
2. what are two things you’ve eaten recently that you don’t normally eat?
veggie burger (from the wisco–they’re quite good), sauteed veggies and soba noodles (from the efforts to eat at home)
3. what are three things you’ve tried doing better?
living, eating, loving
4. what are four things you do habitually every day?
wake up, cuddle, smile, laugh
5. what are five things you will do this weekend?
more cuddles! family reunion, dog park, nap, laugh