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matt’s monday schedule has changed a little, giving him the night off every other week. it had been a while since we had a date night, so i came up with a list of three (well, four) places and he picked one. i biked home in order to unload my gear and we cabbed to pasqual’s on east wash.

a million years ago, the only pasqual’s was on atwood and i knew one of the owners at the time. they had the best burritos. fast forward a bunch of years and many yummy breakfasts at the location on monroe street. now, their office headquarters and restaurant are in the old fyfe’s bistro and they still have the one on monroe, one at hilldale, and one in verona. good for them.

we sat at the bar, as we are wont to do. it’s about the same as i remember it from the one time i walked into fyfe’s and realized my pocketbook wasn’t big enough for the menu. i had the shrimp tacos, on the recommendation from the daytime bartender (he clocked out and left while we were sitting there, so i’m making an assumption). matt got the shredded beef enchilada. the chips and tomatillo salsa were pretty good. the tacos were very wet. but the shrimp had just the right amount of pop to indicate that they probably hadn’t been frozen. both the black and pinto beans were good. the rice had a smokey red sauce on it that i wasn’t too excited about.

the margarita’s are half off on mondays, so i enjoyed that. even though they were on tap.