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summer’s over?

at least fifteen of the blogs i read have mentioned that summer is over.
this simply is not true.
not to mention that the fall equinox isn’t until the end of september, we still haven’t had labor day, or the willy st fair. so summer definitely isn’t over.
that said, i am noticing the sun is in her different places… driving to work, she’s in my left eye more now… the shadows are longer while walking the dogs after work. it’s almost “bring a hoodie” time in the evenings, just in case the bike ride home is too chilly.
speaking of, i need to get a proper hoodie again. the ones i’ve been sporting are practically see through, so they won’t do for winter-wear.
enough about winter! our garden isn’t done growing. we just picked four more cucumbers and a spaghetti squash… the tomatoes won’t stop, for which the chickens are thankful. we have a ton of swiss chard, and i’m not sure what to do with it. also many types of basil and dill. the corn isn’t doing much, except for holding up the beans.
summer is not over!