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successful party!

of course, i forgot to take pictures.
we spent about 10 hours on friday cleaning, and preparing food… i found a couple of experiments from the previous party in the fridge :/
saturday morning, matt made us egg sandwiches (i’ve been trying to eat more store-bought eggs so when the chickens start laying, i’ll be extra pleased) which we ate outside with the dogs and chickens.
the calzones were a hit, the stuffed baguettes were great, the caprese sticks went in the first hour, i didn’t burn the brats this time!
the chickens were 100 times less spooked than the last party… and maize left them alone. i distracted her with soup bones and a peanut butter kong.
i managed to stay up til midnight, but went to bed with all my clothes on. matt had to pry my shoes off when he came up later.
on sunday, we could barely get going, but had brunch at mickey’s because matt took the day off. we got home kinda late and started cleaning up. the kitchen is still a mess, but most of the big dishes are out of the way.
monday was another lazy day… matt had to work at 4, so i mashed up some pinto beans that had been cooking all night and made enchiladas for my week’s lunches… then we went to wilson’s to see the labor day crowd and matt went off to work.
i went home and read a little bit outside and then, in an attempt to take a 30 minute nap, it ended up being an hour+fifteen :/ apparently the alarm on my watch is a barely audible “beep beep”.