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i got my car fixed on friday… the front flex pipe had a tear in it and i took it to mex muffler on park street. they welded it back together, gave it a 1 year warranty and it was only $60! they don’t take appointments, so the length of time you’re there will vary, but they were nice and quick.
we were finally motivated to clear out the garden and buckets and yard of tomato plants… also, a neighbor was gifted way too much composted soil so we got to top off our garden for next year. we also drained the rain barrels, so this winter won’t result in my cringing every time i pull into the driveway.
all of the animals are doing well… alex has fully acclimated and has taken to sleeping in the bed with us most nights.
matt and i have been knitting more and watching more movies… we started and finished across the universe this weekend. it was pretty good!
i wish i were cozy on the couch with all of them right now.