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tonight, we’re having fish from lake nancy; my mom’s friend from forever ago lives there.
i need to gather up my lappy to drop off at a friends’ house for him to fix. luckily for me, he lives just on the other side of the beltline from where i work, and he even offered to drop it off at my house when he’s done!
i’m almost finished with a scarf that i started a while ago, with yarn that i bought even longer ago. speaking of, i need to find an occasion to wear my awesome sweater that i finished last december holiday. i haven’t worn it yet because it’s too nice … i know.
i think i need to set weekly goals. just tiny things that will make me feel better … especially since it’s dark when i leave work, and i can tell my mood is suffering because of that already. i’d like to purge the food cupboards; maybe the pantry at st vinny’s takes donations. i’d also like to re-season my cast iron skillets. i did it a couple years ago, but using them was neglected due to other life changes. and, not necessarily for this week, but i’d like to get the soft goods room at least halfway set up; which means we need to find a place for the inversion table… which means we need to tidy up the basement. that must be why we keep putting off the soft goods room. :x