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i’m feeling in a rut.
anyway, our labor day party is a mere nine days away and we haven’t nailed down the menu, or cleaned the house, or mowed, or de-weeded. this weekend will be a busy one; hopefully it won’t rain.
i’m pretty sure our menu will be a repeat of the last few; i’m glad we have so much basil in the garden, it’s going to come in handy.
i can’t decide if i want to make dough for mini calzones, or just use pillsbury. i don’t like the idea of using white flour dough, but it’s way easier (and fun!) to pop open those tubes.
in other news, and to fill up the blog since it’ll look bare without pictures:
this very nice fella brought his vintage car to the tavern last week and i snapped a picture. it’s a 1974 firebird; four years older than my first car.
i’ve also had this unidentified plant growing in various places around the yard, but haven’t seen it anywhere else. i don’t know what it is, but this is the seed or flower or something:
this might explain a bit of my mood lately… i was doing a javascript tutorial at code academy and they asked me to create a variable “myJob” and give it a value:
and lastly, i’ve been trying to make tamago with our yummy-fresh eggs. i need to get some kelp flakes to make dashi. here’s an attempt, a little browner than necessary, but still delicious: