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stress-level maximum

i had intended on posting this yesterday, but it didn’t work out.

this week is already very stressful and it’s only wednesday morning. i stayed home yesterday in order to try to reduce distractions to get through an online course, and that didn’t happen.

yesterday (wednesday) was pretty awful. i nearly had a nervous breakdown. thankfully, i was able to delegate running the wordpress meetup to co-workers because i didn’t think i could handle it. turns out, i was right. apparently, the television in the meeting room had had enough and failed, so they had to wheel in a temporary replacement. i think i would have popped.

instead of subjecting myself to that, i finished up the work day and headed to wilson’s. it’s like being anonymous in public. i do my crosswords, watch the old guys play sheepshead, listen to the sports din, watch really awful tv commercials with the realization that people actually believe a cream will make their face tighten up so they look younger.

i came home and kicked on the oven. i’ve been making roasted chicken and veggies most evenings, it’s easy and cheap.

tonight, tho, i need to go to a community meeting at olbrich from 6-8 to speak my mind about a proposed bridge from garver to a bike path that cuts through ob sherry. so, i need to consider a quicker meal that isn’t delivered.