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Strange letter

I received a letter in the mail yesterday. The return address was one that I didn’t recognize, “M. Gibson 115 W. Dotty St Madison – Wisconsin 53703”
Here’s what I got to read: Happy – Holiday Becky 12-2-02 Hey – what’s up I meeT a person in This place – and They knew you!! I jusT wanT to be your friend I’m only here for a little while – Becky — maybe we can geT to be friend only GoD bless you — I need someone I can write to and open myself up — I have no family at all Becky — I losT Them (cry) — Also — I’m Black very nice in on P.O. Hold — write me and I will say to you why I’m in this mess — it’s coming to The End — much – love – Becky write me Back girl and lets be friend — How abouT It — I need a good friend I’m a good young man !! Looking to hear from you !! Mike Gibson
Okay, first of all, you know he just pulled my name out of the phonebook, cuz that’s how it’s spelled in there. Second of all, just cuz we share the same surname doesn’t make me a candidate for friendship.