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the weekend was positively splendid. we biked around downtown on friday; i had some things to file with the register of deeds. then spent some time at home getting ready for a show at the inferno; we were out kinda late playing pool and biking around in the sprinkles.
saturday, i met a (new) friend at the park behind the goodman center to throw some balls around for the dogs. it was kinda funny, he had one dog and five or six balls, and i had two dogs and one ball. i grabbed some grub at mickey’s and proceeded to tool around downtown again. met matt back at mickey’s when his shift was done; we retired relatively early and i slept in until 11(!) on sunday; the dogs weren’t too excited about that.
i made my way to breakfast and then woodman’s and the greekfest and back downtown again (i’m getting really good at biking the hill up king street), stopping to look at lake mendota a couple times. i thought to myself several times that i should have been doing this every nice, summer weekend of my entire life.
also, i have really cute photographic evidence of our escapades last weekend: