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it’s been a while. the long weekend (with a labor day party) kept me away from my computer for some time.
the party was another success, with a few hiccups in the middle. there was plenty of food and, of course, we have some left over.
one thing that i don’t care for is that it makes my holiday weekend go by much too quickly. friday is spent grocery shopping and then slaving over food in the kitchen, saturday morning involves more food prep and hot ovens, and then entertaining all night, sunday is spent sleeping in and cleaning.
i think i have to come up with a plan that’s more manageable for memorial day next year. or maybe the beginning-of-the-year party is less stressful because the sun stays out later.
any way, it’s back to the grind and now i have the orb to look forward to.
* i had to turn off comments (not that anyone was going to) because i’m getting a ton of comment spam on this post for some reason.
i’ll leave you with some photos:
nero has pretty much come out of his shell. he’s hopping up on the couch and hanging out, at least for a little while.
here’s toony and nero hanging out on the rug:
and a happy moment! the ladies are done moulting and they all laid: