Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


i had intended on not letting the blog go while i was on vacation, but it appears that i failed at that. i barely touched the computer except for to watch the office on netflix.
i just had a really bad panic attack standing in line at subway… it took everything for me not to leave the building but i knew if i did, i’d have to explain tomorrow because they know me by sandwich.
i didn’t do a whole lot on my list of things, except for finishing the sweater. now i have to find an occasion to wear it.
we had a great holiday… probably my favorite in a long time. oyster stew and lots of fun time with friends, a house guest for a couple nights from new york, lots of dog walks and celebratory shots, and sushi. i tried crab legs for the first time, slept in a lot, ate out a lot, spent a lot of money.
i told a friend at work that we didn’t get around to painting the room and he said, “you know what? that room ain’t going anywhere.” it made me feel less guilty.
i started getting this weird zappy feeling in the pad of my thumb… it actually started before break… i haven’t felt it in a couple of days, but should keep track of it.
i’ve been lax in writing down my dreams; a couple i need to jot have to do with a blue sundress, a really old used toothbrush, and not being able to work a shotgun in my grandma’s house in fennimore.
also, my scalp is really dry from the weather/furnace being on and it’s annoying me.
and, this is the 16th entry i’ve titled “sorry”.