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sore wrist

i have tendonitis. it’s like carpal tunnel syndrome, only it’s the irritation of the tendons that control the pinky, ring finger, and half of the middle finger. it started when i worked at relay (for the deaf, hard of hearing, and speech impaired). i was typing 120 wpm 30 hours a week. it hurt to read in bed. it hurt to carry groceries. it hurt to do the dishes. it hurt to make hemp necklaces. the dr’s said i had to stop doing all of that. O_o the only thing that fixed it was taking a 6 mo. sabbatical from that job (5 yrs ago). cuz wanna know why? it’s caused by stress. my wrist woke me up this morning. [/whine] it’s offical, though; we get to start moving in as early as august 8th.