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i realized yesterday, while walking to the water cooler at work, that something’s taken place over the last year or more? i feel extra-super confident. walking the dogs, making food, making decisions at work, making decisions about the house.

specifically, i thought, “we just had a phone call with a *surgeon* and i know more about something (website building) than he does. that’s pretty neat.” of course, i then started thinking about how my friend, russell, freely admits to not knowing what he’s doing and just faking being an adult. i don’t think i’m faking, but i do make shit up all the time, hoping that it’ll turn out. it seems to be going okay so far.

in other news, my friend lance is coming over to give me a bid on a new roof and a bathroom upstairs. i have enough equity to get a decent loan and a bathroom on the second floor would be so amazing. i’ve also got some landscaping notions rolling around in my grey matter but need to get a friend in the industry to come over and tell me if i’m crazy or not (about this, anyway).