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some days

it feels really good to be who i am.
the dogs wouldn’t let me sleep in, so i was up around 9. we took a nice, leisurely walk around the park and i bundled up to go see matt at the tavern. i was sure they’d be busy for easter, but it wasn’t too bad. i got to hang out with some friends and had fun trying to ignore some people. we tried to go to ace to get a new lightbulb for the front door, but they were closed for the holiday.
we got home and i started making my vegan burger patties for lunches for the week, then i whipped together some pasta for dinner. then i passed out for three hours. i guess it’s not the day of rest for no reason :)
i’m off work today, the first of april, and we’re planning on getting lunch at lazy jane’s, since a certain someone doesn’t work on mondays.
we also need to try for that lightbulb again.