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workmate colin says i should write a book. i told him that my revocabularizations seem most effective when audible.. but i think i should keep a list of my word substitutes. maybe they’ll be dictionaried some day.
college cheese n. (it’ll make you smart!) cottage cheese
besidedown adj. anything that is sitting on its opposite end
tormado n. used to describe a twister, or the tornado room steakhouse
permater n. tomato, esp. when sliced, on a cold sandwich
pistashabos n. pistachio nuts
al desko adj. the practice of eating lunch at one’s desk
commuter n. those newfangled contraptions on people’s desks
nalgenes n. anything inside my (or others’) nalgene bottle
non’t v. a combination of “no” and “don’t”
spendy adj. an expensive item, restaurant, or adventure
hairs cutty n. haircut
yarms n. yarn, plural
jigesting v. digesting
breffiss n. breakfast