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so, i did a thing

i was watching a new netflix series last night (the glitch) and for some reason became distracted by my phone (for some reason? aren’t we all staring at our phones anymore?) and my feed was brimming with detritus about the presidential debate. since i was already in a sour mood, it was a simple leap for me to consider deleting my facebook account.

instead of being so rash, i opted to deactivate my account for a time. funny thing is, the max amount of time zuckerburg thinks you should be away from his advertising mechanism is seven days.

i decided that, since my poor blog has gone the way of the dodo, every time i have the need to share something with no one, i’ll post it here! that’s what i used to do all the time, anyway.

so, maybe for the next seven days, i’ll have some grand ideas and they’ll be used for good, instead of for feeding the facebook data warehouse.