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slow progress

i haven’t really done much along the lines of my kombucha making since working on some logo sketches on monday. i got samples of stickers from someplace online, but i’m having a hard time getting them to understand that i want them to be removable/recyclable. from a glass container.
i also need to find out what type of tamper-resistance the bottle caps need. gt’s and nessalla use shrink-wrapped plastic, but i don’t want to do that if use grolsch bottles. i’ll need something more subtle like the little strip that goes over some liquor bottles.
i haven’t penned down a business plan, but have calculated most of my costs (minus bottles and kitchen rent).
in the mean time, i’ve been making a bottle or two here and there for friends.
our labor day party is coming up and i feel moderately overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to get done between now and september 1. plus, we have a birthday party to go to the night of the 31st. it’s a close co-worker’s 40th… so i have to go. we won’t stay very long, i’m sure.