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slow news month!

sorry folks, i haven’t had a lot to chat about lately. i also keep getting comment spam whenever i make a post, and i’m waiting for my web host to upgrade my movabletype so i can install an anti-spam plugin.
anyhoo, it’s been a home improvement year. back in august, i had a friend come over and do some rewiring for me because some random outlets just stopped working. he was going to come back and help with some other stuff, but has been avoiding my texts…
last weekend, we got to be plumbers. for some reason, i thought a garbage disposal could take swift care of some corn husks… i was mistaken. so we had a clog. a full bottle of liquid plumr and two days of bio-cleanse later, it still hadn’t unclogged. so i called up my good pal ben anton and borrowed a snake.
i should have taken pictures of the process, but basically, the clog was in the pipe under the basement floor, so we had to take apart an already poorly put together system of pipes in order to get down in there.
unsurprisingly, organic matter turns black when it’s been left to sit in water for a while. surprisingly, we pulled out about a tablespoon of gunk and now all is working as expected!
here’s an action shot (not really tho, this is in the kitchen and was just for posterity):
here are some animal pics:
the latest improvement is some under-cabinet lighting that another friend installed.
this picture points out how much we need more shelving for dry goods. or canned goods, or something.
maybe we need to take a trip to the re-store and see if they have a single cabinet that we can hang in the area between the back door and basement door.
now i know what we’re doing friday afternoon. :)