Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


a four-day weekend always goes by too quickly. i didn’t even sleep in that much.
we had a most excellent dinner on thursday night at sushi muramoto. they had just been closed for a few days to remodel/upgrade some stuff, so the fish had just arrived hours before we got there. we ordered a whole lot and ate it all; the waiter was impressed.
we stayed out very late, and played crimes against humanity at mickey’s with some friends.
on saturday, a handful of us went to ho-chunk … i don’t think i need to ever do that again. i played blackjack, tho. it was fun cuz we all took over one table.
sunday was a regular brunchy day. afterwards, i came home and made some vegan burger patties and threw them in the freezer. i think i’ll save them for next week since after i made those, i made some fun looking pasta in order to use up some sauce. i made too much so i’ll have it for lunches this week.
i’m hoping the next couple weeks go by smoothly, and then birthday week!