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in april of ’02, i wasn’t a blogger. i know, hard to believe. anyhow, in april of ’02, had i been blogging, i would have inundated you with musings about my first two ferrets, bob and zona. both had issues with cysts popping (pardon) up in strange places. bob survived her* surgery, whereas zona did not. after zona passed, i quickly (stupidly) thought bob needed playmates. ferrets don’t really “play” when they’re 6, that’s practically 80. but, being hardheaded, i made kurt come rescue two kits from petworld warehouse (just the sound of it’s name is institutional). so we came home with rinky and tinker. they immediately gave bob e.c.e. (to summarize, it’s a virus that inflames the intestinal lining making it impossible to digest food. it also creates sores in the mouth that, in turn, make it very hard for them to eat. so i had to syringe feed her every 3 hours for a week before deciding that neither of us were getting any better at it).

i digress. the two cute little boys that you see up there are going in for an overdue (by about a year) checkup and rinky has one of those cysts. needless to say, i’m nervous. thanks for listening.
*bob’s first ownee didn’t know how to tell the difference, so after the ownee was schooled, he addended bob’s name as “roberta”.