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i finally got started on the new wilson’s website last night. i can’t believe i met with jessi way back at the beginning of april. i am really glad i took notes cuz i don’t think i would remember a ding dang thing anymore.

she got me some images and content a couple weeks ago and i’ve been kind of ignoring the task since i’m busy being in a new relationship.

speaking of, in a week, it’ll have been two months. which feels like a really short amount of time and it also feels like we’ve known each other forever. so weird. does this happen to everyone? i guess the answer to that doesn’t matter.

work is finally at a little bit of a lull, so i’m able to focus on the maintenance tasks that i feel like i’m better suited to than¬†managing specific project work. i also have a looong weekend after the fourth to look forward to, so i’m excited about that.

the dogs are both doing really well, the house is still standing, i’m happy when i wake up in the morning, and my health is good. i’m thankful.