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short weeks

after having last friday off, being sick monday, having next thursday and friday off, it makes the rest of the days kinda tolerable.
i think we have a good start on ideas for colors for the bedroom; we’re going to go look at paint chips tomorrow. after that, i think we’ll have to get really good at finding decorations and accessories at second-hand stores.
i haven’t rapped about the dogs lately! they’re doing really well. they’re both tons happier and have calmed down a lot since the beginning of the year. we haven’t gone to the dog park in a while, tho. we’ve talked about going a couple fridays a month but haven’t yet.
also, i need to get knitting again but can’t think of anything i want to knit. i had started (months ago?) what was going to be a scarf, but the yarn is this crappy synthetic that i got from ebay a million years ago and it doesn’t slide off the needles very well, so i frogged it.
i keep thinking colder weather will be a motivator, but all it’s done is gotten me to buy cold-weather bicycling gear. :/