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kurt’s friend brendan and mom’s george came over this evening to run wire in the basement. all was successful. we got the broken outlet in the first floor bedroom to work, and put the room on a 20 amp circuit all by itself, and brendan’s going to put one in outside so we have electricity when it’s time to build a deck.
i have to admit, it’s been kinda hard to get into the home-owner’s groove… things i want to do and won’t have time for. but we have less than 3 weeks to get our sh*t together and get the house presentable for a party.
grandma and john are coming over this weekend (they’re in town for another festivity), and i’d like to, at least, get it comfortable. john’s a big guy, and i’m not even sure he (or grandma) is going to want to trek upstairs… so i’m taking friday off in order to get the house up to some sort of standard that doesn’t look like we just moved in… impossible expectations, i’m aware.
i just have to remember to take before pictures so i can enjoy my accomplishments. :)