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Saturday Scruples

These weekly affirmation things sure make for ease in content.
1. You suspect another parent at a co-op daycare of stealing $20 from your coat. This person is made treasurer. Do you alert the board?
“Alert” is too reactionary. If I could prove that my 20 spot was stolen by this person, I would have talked to someone about it prior to their move to treasurer, unless those two things happen simultaneously. I don’t think I’d make a fuss, I’d just make people aware.
2. You’re well-to-do. Your children, ages 24 and 26, ask you to settle part of their inheritance now. Do you?
3. You’ve accepted a date to a movie when someone you really like asks you to a concert on the same night. Do you try to get out of the first date?
Perhaps, if there’s enough time, the movie date could be rearranged. The concert date is obviously a little more permanent and fixed as they don’t happen 60 times a week.