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sans caféine

this could become a little confusing due to all my holiday/sick time over the last few weeks… essentially, i stopped drinking coffee on thursday, may 26 some time in the mid morning. i had a four day weekend, during which i didn’t have any. i was sick on tuesday the 31st and came to work on the 1st, mug in hand.
i had more days off from the 2nd to the 5th and decided that my anxiety may not be helped by the caffeine, even tho i barely drink any, and figured it wouldn’t be terrible to cut it out of my diet for a bit.
so far, it’s been fine. we’ll see how i feel in a couple weeks. if anything, i could probably stand to only drink coffee on the weekends when i can really enjoy it. it doesn’t hurt that it’s 102° out right now… the mere thought of anything very hot is grimace-inducing.
speaking of heat… i hope our plants are handling it. they just about doubled in size over the last couple days, but it looks like a lot of work for them to keep upright, especially the mustard.
also, here’s marco, demonstrating his acrobatic abilities: