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rough one

we framed in the coop, and lost two bunnies and a bird. we’d only had davinci since august, but he must have been sick or older than we’d thought.
the bunnies were found by jones, under where the canoe is stored. the mom must have been run over or something. they didn’t seem like babies, but they sure were weak and breathing irregularly. we tried feeding them water and simple syrup, but it wasn’t enough. they needed their mom’s milk.
unfortunately, the closest i have is rice dream almond milk, so that wasn’t going to cut it.
we’re planning on getting some power tools to finish the coop on friday, and hopefully we can get the chickens saturday. there’s a fella that comes to the farmer’s market every saturday to sling his potatoes, and he lives in richland center (where the farm is that said they had pullets) and he might be able to deliver them to me so we might not even have to drive anywhere! eco-friendly chickens.