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i haven’t been on an actual rollercoaster in a while. maybe i should take a road trip to the dells. hah!

actually, i refer to the emotional rollercoaster that i’ve been on this week. i wrote in my journal this morning, “today feels okay, but it’s only 9:45”.

i’m glad it’s friday, though, and i have a lot to do around the house this weekend. i haven’t been drinking kombucha daily (or even monthly), so my five gallons are probably quite sour and in need of fruiting or disposing of. one of the batches has turned red, which i don’t think puts it in contention for saving. i also need to make some more pumpkin balls for the dogs, and vacuum. i also have to clean up the soft goods room as merle decided yesterday that she was going to poop in there. so, that’s fun.

i hope to get everything taken care of tomorrow so i can spend sunday playing cribbage, relaxing, and being with friends.