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rog and me are like this *crosses fingers*

so, though the repair was not covered under warranty, roger (of zimbrick eastside) took care of it “in house”. i am now the proud owner of a brand new fuel pump; at no cost to me.
i am relieved. i was working myself up all morning to have to have a stern conversation with an older gentleman. i really didn’t want to have to argue with someone today about the quality of the vehicle i had just purchased. i’m so glad i didn’t have to. they did me good. i’m actually considering using them as my sole repair shop.
i never thought i’d ever consider a dealer a good idea for that. having dated an independant mechanic for about 5 years, i learned a great deal about cars and their value. the problem with cars is that we can’t do without them… at least not very easily or to the extent that we’d like. (some) mechanics take advantage of that human weakness and charge an exorbitant amount for their hourly service. because what would you do without a car for an extended period?
damn. i hate that feeling of dependence.