Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


while i was procuring my collection of healing stones for my mojo bag, matt fancied himself some fobs for his pocket watch.
i instantly became enthralled with this weird wire that held the stone in place. it isn’t sterling silver, but argentium silver. sterling mixed with something to keep it from tarnishing. here’s one of the fobs:
after searching the last remaining bead stores in the 608 area code, i uncovered argentium silver is either not popular, or too expensive to bother having in stock. so, after doing a little wire research, i bit the bullet and guessed at the gauges and ordered 5ft of each 18g half round dead soft and 21g square dead soft. following is my first attempt at wire wrapping anything in argentium:
you can’t see the marred wire, but i need to get different pliers that don’t have ridges… they’re called chain nose pliers.
my goal is to get good enough to set my opal into a nice pendant.