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we’ve got weekends down.

we had a great friday, lots of pool and hanging out all night. saturday morning was a little rough, but after some sustenance from the tavern, the day was beautiful and went swimmingly. after dinner (hot wings and potato salad–that i whipped up blindly) we called it an early night; i think we were asleep by 9 (it’s definitely a 180º, getting used to someone who has the sameish schedule). sunday morning, we went to mickey’s again and then to wilson’s for the cubs game. i went home and mowed the 1′ tall lawn while he took a to softball practice. i planned dinner and squeezed in a little fallout while he was gone.

i made baked salmon, a little more pot salad, and a green salad. it was pretty f*^%(ing delicious, if i do say so.

mondays are getting rougher and rougher to get going, but thankfully, it’s a gorgeous day out, so he had to scoot off to work at 6 a, while i dozed until 7:30. the rain last week kept me away from my bike commute three out of the five days, so it was nice to get on it again.

i think i’m going to pull out the batavus monte carlo that i bought in december and haven’t taken out of the house yet. maybe i’ll take a short ride around the east side this evening while the softball game is happening.