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for the second time in four months, i’ve been asked when i’m due/if i’m pregnant.
who does that?
at first, i laughed it off and blamed the bulky coat which scrunched up my hoodie in such a way that it made a bump, but the most recent occurrence (this past weekend) made me feel really shitty. it wasn’t bothering me until i decided to step on the scale, which i had to dig out from under a billion things in the back of the closet.
i can’t believe i didn’t notice the weight gain. well, i guess i did, but it wasn’t until there was a number that i haven’t seen since before getting norplant removed when i was 20.
so… i’m being more cognizant about what goes in my mouth. i’m getting a standing desk at work and i’m bringing in my stepper machine in and i’m using it as much as i can.
at least it’s making me use my stomach muscles to suck it in.