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random update

i guess i’ll stop apologizing. i think matt and my mom are the only readers of the blog anymore anyway :)
so, i’ll fill ‘er up with some pictures.
when the house gets quiet, i assume the cats are either asleep, or up to no good. a recent investigation revealed that at least two of them were lazing about.
nero has been getting more brave, he’s even been jumping up on the bed to be pet. here he is enjoying my company on the couch again.
matt spoiled the dogs with a new squeaky toy and i thought it was just perfect to give nora a perpetual hug. here she is putting up with me:
i just got done with a three-day weekend, and couldn’t sleep in to save my life, so this is what i saw when i left the bed on friday morning.
and finally, i’ve been using my pressure cooker with a little more frequency. it’s quite amazing how quickly it cooks things up. lentils in 4 minutes? yes, please! since i only have a 2.5 day week, i decided not to stress about lunch, and opted for a simple spinach dal soup. i need to find myself an indian grocery store (or get to yue wah more frequently); there are many kinds of lentils out there that woodman’s doesn’t carry!